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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Mobile technology has changed the workplace with bringing your own device (BYOD) becoming an increasing trend, with employees requesting to use their own devices at work. The flexibility of mobile devices is attractive with employees being able to work anywhere at any time with the increased benefits of reduced costs …

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Productive mobile working is now a reality!

Advances in mobile technology are making it easier to work productively on the move using a smartphone or media tablet. As the boundaries between work in the office and on the move blur, business leaders and employees are considering how best they can target productivity gains. More and more professional …

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Mobile working: What are the main benefits?

What are the principle benefits of mobile technology solutions in an enterprise setting? It is no longer just consumers who are eagerly embracing mobile solutions, writes Alex Broadman. Smartphones and media tablets may have gained initial traction as ‘leisure’ devices, but enterprise use is rising at a rapid rate as …

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Ten ways to cut your computing costs today

Trimming out costs is a priority for most businesses right now, and IT shouldn’t be exempt from good business practice. Here’s our top ten list of ways to shave real pounds, shillings and pence off your technology spending, in plain English for busy business owners!           1. Check your licenses …

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